Grandparents want child care too!


Members of the Canadian Auto Workers (UNIFOR), local 200, hosted a Kitchen Table Conversation in June where they discussed the struggles working families were having in trying to find safe, affordable  and accessible child care and the toll this was having on their lives. 

“In Windsor, we have recently lost our city run daycares, as well as our CAW Child Care Centre facility, which my children had the good fortune to attend”, said Tracey Ramsey who helped organize the event that included child care services and a pizza dinner that gave busy families a break.

“There were many recurring themes in our stories: shift work, cost, safety, availability, reliance on family members, neighbors or friends to help pick up the slack, what to do during summer break or days when kids are sick, the time lost with our children, the stress, sleep deprivation (trying to stay awake after midnight shifts) and the low paying jobs, and odd shift times,” added Ramsey.

“The list went on but the stories remained the same: parents being left behind by the government, and suffering greatly because of it.”

Many participants in the Windsor event were grandparents who said they felt sandwiched between wanting to have a life of their own and helping their struggling children and grandchildren.  They pointed out that the jobs available wouldn’t support child care costs, and if their children were able to afford child care, or receive subsidies,  the shift work was not accommodated by day cares.

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